Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Anytime I start talking about my hobbies people always ask what is cardistry? In this blog post I will explain to you all the exact, precise definition of cardistry. Well not really exact... but what i personally think of cardistry as (haha!). Cardistry is the art form of manipulating cards and displaying the cards in an unique way. This format may include displays like the fan in the page, or quick card flourishes that look as if the cardist is dancing with the cards.

The quick flashy movements separates a cardistry from magic because in magic we are trying to deceive the audience but in cardistry we are exposing all our skillsets with cards, and displaying the unique motions and showing off our style. I will be introducing many cardistry moves on this art blog and we will be talking about many other art forms as well.

Why I do cardistry is because not only to display my skillset but also to leave a message within the videos that I make. In particular the Forest cardistry video I have made to express the change that follows a person and how not to let the negatives bring you down but instead cause change. This video is in the link above and in the AceJokerStudio main page so definitely do give it a look.