ENDLESS DESTINY Full App Rollout!!

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

After hearing all the feedbacks from everyone on the beta release I've finally implemented all the necessary updates and just as in the title the great news is out. The app is now in the play store. Endless Destiny is a hardcore hyper casual in which the player needs to keep intense amount of concentration in order to survive. Most testers couldn't even pass 3000 score points and considers that a challenge. The game tackles innovative ideas such as implementing bossing in an endless runner game! yes you heard it here, my game is not only just a runner its a game where various enemies will spawn to also control the flow of the game.

From the beta testing of the app the 12 lanes concept will still apply. The cube makes it for the most interesting of plays possible. Unlike normal endless runner with 3 lanes the player has to make more decisions on which lane they need to be in. Always calculating a play to proceed through the obstacles.

Many more features were added. Things like the shop and the stat HUD is now working. Players can purchase music and even power ups as well as ultimate for an insanely fun gameplay experience.

There are 3 main bosses, Alpha, Chrono, Viper. Alpha is the yellow colored boss and if you get hit by its charge blast its game over, no exception. Chrono is the green boss and its electric blast will stun the player for 3 seconds for the most part getting hit by this means that the player will die because they will not be able to move. Viper is the purple colored boss and although it cannot kill the player or stun the player it can be quite annoying as to how it can blind the players vision. Getting hit by viper forces the player to be extra aware.

Tips and tricks. You can slide under horizontal blocks even if its not your color and you will not die. Sometimes you may come across a situation where none of the blocks are your color and you will die. Except you can actually slide under the horizontal blocks on the corner lanes. Using this trick to your advantage will get you very far. Another key trick is when the colored walls come up you have to slide under it. But say you dont have that time to slide under because you already used your slide animation well you can pass through the lasered walls if its the same color as the player!. To gain more score points you can purchase the 2x score ability in the store and use the 2x when you kill a boss to not only gain massive amounts of points but double that. There are more strategies but the rest i hope the players can figure out!

I am very proud and happy with the final product. With the release of it today I hope everyone can enjoy the game and come up with their own strategies to go further. Also a side challenge the first 3 player who reaches 100k score points will earn a prize by AceJokerStudio if they can present a clear gameplay without any exploitations!

click here To get it on google play

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