What you can expect from us in the following months!

Currently, after a whole 6 months of constant work and an endless trip to Starbucks for coffee we have finally managed to fully roll out our game app Endless Destiny (available in google play). For now we will take a short break, but for us a break doesn't mean vacation. We are trying to scale our team to bring you guys the best of our apps in 2021. The next app is not going to be a game app but rather an app we have been thinking about for awhile now.

Many of us during quarantine have been bored out of our minds and what we have discovered is that a lot of us (me and my friends) have been stuck in a loop. A constant schedule that repeats that completely distorts our time. I feel like this is a major problem and on our next app we will introduce something that will tackle this problem and bring joy in unexpected activities again.

What we do know is that our app will have features that will focus on the randomized factors in life, and it will help with making decisions for you. Although this isn't a good thing but I do believe for some people who are tired of making decisions about what to do can benefit from this greatly. Full disclaimer our app will provide the solution to all the problems mentioned above but it is up to the you guys to use it or not meaning ultimately it is still your decision.

Other than the game app I have also thought about shooting a new video which will be posted on the main page and also more details on that will be on our art blog

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